At UofA and Amii, there exists a highly collaborative culture wherein members of the SODALab actively engage in a diverse array of research groups, primarily through co-supervision or joint projects. Additionally, we foster close collaborations with external colleagues spanning various disciplines, such as operations research, electrical engineering, theoretical computer science, among others.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

We are always interested in hosting undergraduate summer research interns (e.g., NSERC USRA, URI@UofA) or having motivated UofA undergraduate students join the lab during the academic year. Undergraduate students with strong interest in math are particularly welcome. Usually, it is recommended to take some kind of individual study course to get used to reading papers. Email your CV + transcript to Dr. Tan ($ \textsf{} $) if you are interested.

Prospective Graduate Students

We are constantly looking for highly motivated graduate students at both the MSc and PhD level. If you are already at UofA and want to join us, feel free to email your CV to Dr. Tan ($ \textsf{} $). For prospective students who are not currently enrolled at UofA, read Dr. Tan’s Letter to Prospective Students first before reaching out.

Prospective Postdoctoral Research Fellows

We are looking for postdocs in the general field of optimization and decision-making under uncertainty. If you are interested in joining the lab as a postdoc, please send your CV to Dr. Tan ($ \textsf{} $). We might get back to you if there is a match in background and research interests (subject to funding availability).

Prospective Visitors

We welcome visitors from a range of disciplines such as computer science, applied mathematics, electrical engineering, operations research, etc. If you believe we share some common research interest and want to visit the lab, feel free to reach out.